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Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.’

Henry Ford, American Industrialist and Business Magnate,
Owner of Henry Ford Motor Company.

We offer a more enlightened approach here at GEM Precast that is to offer customers choice, flexibility and value because not all customers require the same product or service.

One such case was Wycombe DC, they were approached by their local community to see if they could offer a deeper 4’ concrete burial chamber in alignment with their religious beliefs. A number of suppliers were approached and turned down the opportunity as they could only supply 3’ as a deeper chamber required a new and expensive mould.

In early 2018 GEM Wycombe approached GEM Precast in our capacity as a specialist manufacturer of concrete burial chambers. The council had been approached by the local Muslim community to ask if they could provide 4’ deep chambers to meet a specific religious practice hence the requirement for a 4’ chamber. A number of suppliers were approached and the response was 3’ was the standard and there was no demand for 4’ and the cost of producing new moulds expensive.

We evaluated the opportunity and already knew there was a potential demand and therefore took the decision to work with Wycombe and their local community. We agreed to produce new concrete moulds after a consultation process with Wycombe councillors and community representatives.   We initially delivered a 3’ chamber to site to allow local councillors and Muslim community representatives to view the product quality and eight interlocking lids close up. After a period of consultation the bereavement manager had received a very positive response from both councillors and the local Muslim community and wished to proceed to manufacturing stage.

It is still the case that GEM are the only burial chamber manufacturer to produce 4’ chambers and our 4’ chamber has become popular as councils in the UK become aware we can supply. It is also having a good knowledge and understanding of community needs.